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Mike Bloom

Meyer "Mike" Bloom

January 14, 1915
New York, NY

June 5, 1993
Paterson, NJ

1931-32 Trenton High School - New Jersey (High School)
1932-33 Trenton High School - New Jersey (High School)
1933-34 Trenton High School - New Jersey (High School)
1935-36 Temple University (College)
1936-37 Temple University (College)
1937-38 Temple University (College)
1937-38 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL)
1938-39 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL)
1938-39 Hazleton (TCL)
1939-40 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL)
1939-40 Washington Brewers (ABL)
1940-41 Washington Brewers (ABL)
1940-41 Baltimore Clippers (ABL)
1941-42 Trenton Tigers (ABL)
1942-43 Trenton Tigers (ABL)
1943-44 Trenton Tigers (ABL)
1944-45 Trenton Tigers (ABL)
1945-46 Trenton Tigers (ABL)
1945-46 Baltimore Bullets (ABL)
1946-47 Baltimore Bullets (ABL) 
1947-48 Baltimore Bullets (BAA)
1947-48 Boston Celtics (BAA)
1948-49 Minneapolis Lakers (BAA)
1948-49 Chicago Stags (BAA)
1949-50 Philadelphia SPHA's (Independent) 

The center for the Trenton HS team starred for three years at the school before heading to Temple. He joined up with the SPHA's after graduating, beginning a lengthy professional basketball career that last through the 1940's. He is commonly regarded as the finest Jewish player in baskeball history.

After his basketball days, he invented a pipe cleaner (pat. US3414926), which these days is known as a snake to clean out pipes.

He was married to at least twice (first wife Gertrude?), and had a son who died as a teen in a shooting accident, and a step-son who died in a car accident.

Jews In Sports
Obituary, Baltimore Sun, June 11, 1993


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