Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Jimmy Weston

James L. Weston

November 2, 1922
New York, NY

February 6, 1997
New York, NY

1947-48 St. John's University (College)
1948-49 Scranton Miners (ABL)
1948-49 Utica Olympics (NYSL)
1948-49 Paterson Crescents (ABL)
1949-50 New Britain Rios (EBL-Ct)
1950-51 Torrington Howards (EBL-Ct)
1951-52 Wilkes-Barre Barons (ABL)

A popular athlete at St. John's, the amiable Weston would play some pro basketball before becoming a police officer and detective in New York city, also working as a bartender. He would eventually gain such a network of friends that in 1967, he decided to quit the force and open his own club. Weston would be friends with many celebrated club guests like Richard Nixon, Frank Sinatra, Muhammed Ali and Howard Cosell.



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