Monday, June 3, 2019

1948-49 Mohawk Redskins (NYSL)

Finished: 18-9 .667 (19-9 .679*) , 2nd place

Divisional  Semi-finals - Defeated Schenectady, 2-1
League Finals - Tied with Cohoes when series was terminated, 1-1

With a new coach in Red Sarachek, Mohawk improved vastly on their record from the previous season, running with the leader Cohoes until the waning days of the season. They defeated Schenectady in the semi-finals before meeting Cohoes in the championship series. With interest in this league vanishing not just from the public's standpoint but also the players, Kassler, King, Younger and Verdeschi all failed to show for the team's loss to Cohoes in Game 2 of the Finals. Citing both team's inability to maintain a complete or even competitive roster for the series, the league cancelled the championship after two games. The NYSL folded shortly thereafter.

 * One forfeit win from Utica

Head Coach: 
  • Red Sarachek (October 19, 1912 - November 14, 2005) Also may have appeared in a game

  • Ike Dubow (January 15, 1922 - January 16, 1974)
  • Ken Keller (August 16, 1922 - February 24, 1983)
  • Dolly King (November 15, 1916 - January 29, 1969)
  • John McDonald  
  • Murtha  

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