Monday, March 4, 2019

Milestone #9 - Southern Professional Basketball League (SPBL)

The Southern League was fairly interesting. I am kinda glad I looked into it because it has been pretty much ignored. Which makes sense, I guess, but it still has its place in history, and I haven't seen much research going into it. It still surprises me how little information is available on some people, even with what we have access to on-line. Maybe one day, all these blanks will be filled in.

Here is the SPBL by the numbers:

Number of SPBL players: 132
Unidentified/unknown whereabouts:16
Surviving SPBL players: 4 known (although I am not certain on John Hoffman). Of the sixteen unknown, it is possible there are a few who are still with us.The number of known survivors when I finished blogging about them was 5, but Julie Silverman died last week, so that leaves us with four.

Of the 132 players, 19 players (14.39%) lived to see the age of 90. Only 2 men (1.52%) died before the age of 50. (Numbers could obviously change as unknown players get identified.

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