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Joe Graboski

Joseph William Graboski

January 15, 1930
Chicago, IL

July 2, 1998
Columbus, OH

1945-46 Tuley High School - Chicago (High School)
1946-47 Tuley High School - Chicago (High School)
1947-48 Tuley High School - Chicago (High School)
1948-49 Chicago Stags (BAA)
1949-50 Chicago Stags (NBA)
1950-51 Kansas City Hi-Spots (NPBL)
1950-51 Louisville Alumnites (NPBL)
1951-52 Indianapolis Olympians (NBA)
1952-53 Indianapolis Olympians (NBA)
1953-54 Philadelphia Warriors (NBA)
1954-55 Philadelphia Warriors (NBA)
1955-56 Philadelphia Warriors (NBA)
1956-57 Philadelphia Warriors (NBA)
1957-58 Philadelphia Warriors (NBA)
1958-59 Philadelphia Warriors (NBA)
1959-60 Philadelphia Warriors (NBA)
1960-61 Philadelphia Warriors (NBA)
1961-62 St. Louis Hawks (NBA)
1961-62 Chicago Packers (NBA)
1961-62 Syracuse Nationals (NBA)
1962-63 Camden (EBL)
1966-67 Asbury Park (EBL)

Graboski Tangles with Jack Twyman
Out of high school, Graboski did not go to college, but instead became a ballboy for the Stags. The 6'8 young man, just just two months shy of his 19th birthday, signed to play basketball for the Stags, and then embarked on a 16-season career as a professional basketball player, including a lengthy stint with the Warriors that included the 1955-56 NBA champs. It was while playing with the Warriors that fellow teammate George Senesky introduced him to a young lady named Martie, who would marry in 1957.

Joe and Martie had a son and 2 daughters.

Philadelphia Daily News, July 8, 1998


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