Friday, April 21, 2017

Bill Sadler

William Jefferson Sadler

February 10, 1910
Martinsville, IN

February 28, 1988
Hixson, TN

1931-32 Central Normal - Danville, IN (College)
1932-33 Central Normal - Danville, IN (College)
1933-34 Central Normal - Danville, IN (College)
1935-36 Noblitt-Sparks - Columbus, IN (AAU)
1936-37 Indianapolis U.S. Tire (MBC)

Mistakingly indentified as William Joseph Sadler (1916-1979) in some places. This would have made him 16 years old as a sophomore in college, and 13 as a high school junior. There is a different William J. Sadler who is from Martinsville and is the right age.

He married Garnet Lane in 1936.



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