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George Nelmark

George Gregory Nelmark (Nelimarkka)

May 9, 1917
Ironwood, MI

December 4, 2010
Santa Barbara, CA

1938-39 Missouri State Teachers College (College) - (now NE Missouri State)
1939-40 Missouri State Teachers College (College) - (now NE Missouri State)
1940-41 Missouri State Teachers College (College) - (now NE Missouri State)
1941-42 Oshkosh All-Stars (Independent)
1941-42 Toledo Jim White Chevrolets (NBL)
1945-46 Los Angeles Carroll Shamrocks (ABL-AAU)
1946-47 St Louis Blues (Independent)
1946-47 Syracuse Nationals (NBL)
1947-48 Syracuse Nationals (NBL)
1948-49 Fibber McGee & Molly (AAU)
1948-49 Santa Barbara Retreaders (AAU)
1949-50 Santa Maria Dukes (AAU)
1950-51 Santa Barbara All-Americans (AAU)

Born in Ironwood, Michigan to Matti and Hilma Nelimarkka, Nelmark played basketball at Missouri Teachers College and after graduating, he signed with the Oshkosh All-Stars in 1941, but did not play with them in the NBL season. He then signed with Toledo before joining the Marines, seeing action in the Pacific including being in the first Marine Division to land at Guadalcanal. After developing gangrene on his foot, he returned the the States and played basketball on the Marine's base team in San Diego. Nelmark stayed in California and returned to school at Cal-Santa Barbara. He also played semi-pro basketball while in California. He returned to the East to play two seasons for the Syracuse Nationals, but then went back to California to finish his education at UCSB. He took a teaching and coaching job at Antelope Valley HS and stayed there until his retirement in 1990. He died in 2010 at 93 years of age after a bout with Alzheimer's.
He was married to Luella Herold (1925-2009) and they had two daughters, Carol Nelmark (1954-2009) and Norma Kessler.

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