Thursday, May 23, 2019

1946-47 NYSL

The eight-team New York State League started play on November 20, 1946, when Cohoes blew out Albany, 56-32, in front of 3400 people in the state capitol. Cohoes would prove to be a strong team in a league that had a serious division in talent. The Albany Senators weren't playing all that well and the team was sold in January. The new ownership virtually replaced every player with the roster of the New Haven team of the Connecticut League. A similar situation occurred in Troy, where the Berkays, mired in the cellar following an 0-8 start, were replaced with the core of the independent Boston Whirlwinds team. The team in tiny Gloversville, New York, disbanded after seven straight losses to open the season, a fate that befell the afore-mentioned Whirlwinds a month later.

February saw the league down to six teams, with Utica and Mohawk fighting for the Western League title as Cohoes rolled in the East. The Albany, Saratoga and Schenectady hung around the .500 mark all year, with their final records bolstered by forfeit wins awarded them from the departures of Troy and Gloversville.

Utica would bounce Mohawk in the playoffs to face Cohoes, who had rallied to beat Albany, in the finals. The Olympics would then sweep Cohoes for the first NYSL Championship.

Albany Senators / Red Devils
Cohoes Mastadons
Saratoga Indians
Troy Berkays / Whirlwinds*

Gloversville Glovers*
Mohawk Redskins
Schenectady Comets
Utica Olympics

* - folded before season's end

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