Thursday, December 20, 2018

Vic Yanz Identified

Originally listed as "Vic Yanze," I couldn't find anything except a reference to playing basketball at Massachusetts State College. And then nothing else. Nothing in, either.... until today when I revisited him and tried again. This time, I found a reference to "Vic Yanz." No "E" at the end of his name, so that lead me onto a new direction. I found an obituary for "Vic Yanz" in the Chicago Tribune, which lead me back to Ancestry and his widow in the obit. I found that "Yanz" was shortened from Yozonaitis (or Yanzanaitis). Feeling confident, I got confirmation from a family member the this "Vic Yanz" did indeed play basketball, with a Lithuanian team around Chicago in the 30's. We found our guy. Not sure if he ever really did play at UMass or if it is just a mistake in the Sheboygan Press article.

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